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WampServer enables you to set up a web server in no time
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Every developer knows how complex it is to setup a web server running Apache and PHP. Be it the configuration or something else, there is always a good reason for it not to work.
WampServer is a piece of software aimed to help developers and small website owners effortlessly build a web server that works without wasting countless hours struggling with the configuration.

Indeed, running a web server with this handy tool is not any harder than going through a few installation steps. Once your server is running, it will continue to work without any extra configuration.

However, WampServer is not suited to be used for a production server. Don't get me wrong: it works nicely, yet WampServer trades configurability for easiness. For instance, corporate environments will dislike the fact that the plugins (Apache, PHP, etc.) are difficult to update: either you update the whole program, or you update nothing.

To put it in a nutshell, WampServer is a very good piece of software allowing you to set up a web server in no time and without a hassle. Nevertheless, this utility is mostly used for test environments, because it is not extensible enough for a production server where you often need to deploy security updates.

John Static
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  • Easily install PHP and Apache on any computer
  • Easy to use, no superfluous features
  • Put your web server online or offline in a single click


  • Plugins can not be easily updated, you will have to download the full update every time you want to update the components
  • Not suited for production servers
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